I am committed to creating a rich and impeccable sound world, where every note and sound is carefully crafted to elevate your audience's experience.

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To go all the way is not only to resist, but also to let go.

- Albert Camus


Born in 1991 in Li├Ęge, Belgium, Arthur Troch grew up surrounded by music.

Throughout his studies, specializing in the "Musical Computer" in Namur, he gradually expanded his musical and sound background. As a lover of new challenges, he regularly participates in competitions, including the Berlin International Sound Design Competition and the Virtual Instrument & Audio Plugin.

He refines his skills in sound design and musical composition by working on various animation projects. Once his education in Computer Music ended, he embraced the opportunity to launch a production project in this field under the name of Stele.

Pop, Rap, Rock, Film Music, and more; he enjoys a variety of musical styles and working on Ableton/Nuendo/Reaper. The Wwise certifications equip him with the additional skills needed to integrate sounds into video games.

Mail Adress => contact@steleprod.com